We wanted
a corner
of the world
in Ancona.
We created it
in via Raffaello Sanzio 65.


Our bistro is hidden between the facades of the postwar buildings of the Montirozzo district in Ancona: a welcoming veranda, the sun setting over the sea, tapas and cocktails prepared with care. A round trip between the smells and flavors of Italy and the world.

Welcome to the bowow: the small cosmopolitan bistro where you can share every moment of the day.

*this asterisk is not the usual asterisk that refers to a note (even if that's what we just did).
Instead, it is our way of using inclusive language and welcome everyone.


High quality ingredients, flavors of our land or unusual dishes wandering around the set tables of the world.

Our Menu à la carte menu awaits you!


Japanese gyoza, tacos and miniburgers: tapas para compartir, first and second courses for a dinner or an appetizing aperitif to be accompanied with a refined cocktail or a good glass of carefully selected wine. And finally, a dessert?

Take a look at our menu or order your take away.

Our idea of ​​a bistro

Our bistro is inspired by the bay windows of Amsterdam, the glittering skyline of Manhattan, the colors and flavors of London's Borough Street market, the variety of cultures, thoughts and personalities that populate the streets of Berlin, the floating markets of Thailand , to the conviviality of our tables.
Our dishes are adorned with passion with a sprinkle of resourcefulness, and our ways are tinged with kindness.
We believe in the pleasure of stay together and we believe in food as an experience and fun.

Food is for the body, bowow is for the soul.


Accessibility and inclusiveness

We make every effort so that our clients and our clients can spend a full, light and pleasant time during their stay with us.
We try to do this in several ways:

We try to adopt an italian language that is as inclusive as possible, rather than the so-called “inclusive masculine”. For this we use symbols such as *, _ or Ə instead of a / e, or / i on our site and on our social channels.

To change babies in complete tranquility, we have equipped ourselves with a comfortable changing table: ask our staff for it.

We have tried to make our premises as accessible as possible and to remove as many architectural barriers. However, let us know what your needs are to make sure we can welcome you in the best possible way and without surprises.

We don't like gender stereotypes or cultural stereotypes. We would like our restaurant to be a meeting place for everyone, without distinction.

We have included in our menu a small selection of vegetarian and vegan proposals, trying to respond to different dietary needs. If you do not find what you are looking for, or if you have specific needs, do not hesitate to let us know: we will try to respond to your request or we will look for a suitable alternative with you.

Per il mese di agosto, scopri il nostro menù.

Un viaggio internazionale tra tapas e main courses leggeri e sfiziosi.

Cheers. Salute. Bowow.

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